When I Was In Paris

DISCLAIMER : This article is not for bragging, I only want to share my experience with people.

When I was seven years old, I went to Paris, France. We went to the Eiffel Tower and the view was amazing. We literally can see the whole city with this telescope thingy. We also went into this restaurant which served delicious garlic bread and warm tea. The food there is amazing! My favorite part of being there is I went to Disneyland! The actors playing Disney characters were very friendly. The rides and the artwork were done fantastically. In there, I was really sad because it rained and the parade was cancelled. But, after the rain there was a rainbow behind the Aurora castle. Awesome! If I had a chance to go there again, I would. I would really recommend you to go there. And it’s even more beautiful in the springtime.

clara paris


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