I love Bali. It’s really exotic and there are many different cultures. Especially the beaches. It’s really great if you want to surf of get surf lessons. There are many local people there who will teach you to surf, braid your hair, make you tattoos for a cheap price. They are also friendly people. You can tan your skin there too. Bali is basically one of the modern places of Indonesia. It is perfect for foreigners. They also have places that show their cultures. Like their dance, their monkeys. But be careful, you have to be polite or else you will get kicked out. Some beaches also have these water sports. Some are scary and some are not too scary. But all of them are really fun. So, I would totally recommend this place for people who loves beaches. And don’t forget, Indonesia is NOT in Bali.




Disclaimer: This article is only for experience sharing, not bragging.

In 2010, I went to Switzerland with my mom and sister. We went to the snow by an underground train through a mountain. And believe me, it was freezing cold. I had to wear a sleeved T-shirt, a normal jacket, and a big layered sweater. I was still freezing, though. But do not worry. There was a place near the destination which is completely warm. They sold garlic bread with some cream soup. They also sold cocoa milk. The place also had some fun rides too. They had this scary looking but fun zip line which is awesome. It also has a slide which is made natural from real life snow. It was amazing. I would totally recommend that place.


When I Was In Paris

DISCLAIMER : This article is not for bragging, I only want to share my experience with people.

When I was seven years old, I went to Paris, France. We went to the Eiffel Tower and the view was amazing. We literally can see the whole city with this telescope thingy. We also went into this restaurant which served delicious garlic bread and warm tea. The food there is amazing! My favorite part of being there is I went to Disneyland! The actors playing Disney characters were very friendly. The rides and the artwork were done fantastically. In there, I was really sad because it rained and the parade was cancelled. But, after the rain there was a rainbow behind the Aurora castle. Awesome! If I had a chance to go there again, I would. I would really recommend you to go there. And it’s even more beautiful in the springtime.

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